Aspen Ridge Alpacas of Northern New Mexico

Experience the Enchantment of Alpacas

Mickey Wright & Evelyn Simons
790 Aspen Dr.Jemez Springs, NM 87025
(575) 829-3312


A perfect little alpaca farm in the beautiful mountains of Northern New Mexico

A morning in the meadow...

A morning in the meadow...

Hello! I'm a friend of Mickey and Evelyn of Aspen Ridge Alpacas.

(Shhhhhhhhh....Don't let them know that I'm telling you all this. They are much too modest to blow their own horn, so I'm going to have do it for them!)

During the past 12 years, I've traveled the country from one end to the other and have visited dozens and dozens of alpaca farms, including some of the largest and most famous.

I'm here to tell you that you won't find a better alpaca farm anywhere.

Aspen Ridge Alpacas is recognized by experts to be exceptionally well managed, as well as delightfully charming. They offer excellent care and keeping for alpacas and outstanding service to their clients.

It may be small in size, but the quality and excellence knows no bounds!

I first visited Aspen Ridge Alpacas 9 years ago and have been a regular visitor ever since, never tiring of the scenic splendors in all seasons and relishing the warm hospitality.

You never know who will be there and you might meet all kinds of very interesting visitors and friends!

Of course, most important for alpaca breeders and want-to-be alpaca owners are the wonderful alpacas of Aspen Ridge! Their mountaintop pasture has produced a Champion White Huacaya Male at the Great Western Alpaca Show in Denver, awarded by Dr. Julio Sumar of Peru ~ a thrilling achievement for a farm of any size!

The alpacas of Aspen Ridge represent the finest genetics and bloodlines in the country, promising years of glorious fleece, outstanding conformation, and exciting colors.

If you want to see alpaca farming at its best, you owe it to yourself to take a trip to the spectacular region of the Jemez Mountains in the Land of Enchantment.

There you will find a Storybook Farm with a pair of Fairy Godmothers who really know their stuff!

Hope to see you there soon....

Cathy Powers
The Alpaca Mission


WELCOME! "Feels like home to me..."

First a visitor--now a friend!

First a visitor--now a friend!

Cria races!

Cria races! "And they're off...!"

Time to double-down for Blackjack!

Time to double-down for Blackjack!