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Attention Bloggers! Our very own Rosemary Metcalf is posting a blog site for alpaca breeders.
Check it out... A Taste of Life at Windrush Alpacas

Alpaca United
Alpaca United is a textile fiber company created and funded by the North American Alpaca farmers and processors to make their fiber more competitive in world markets. The company will manage market building activities designed to increase share of market, product demand and pricing. It is structured as a for-profit entity with a flexible framework allowing for new business plans with low barriers of entry and positive cash-flow. These plans are expected to generate sufficient revenue to bolster investor capital and sustain on-going operations.
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Alpaca Show Results -
Results of all AOBA sanctioned shows, including the New Mexico State Fair Alpaca Shows.

is the llama and alpaca training system developed by Marty McGee Bennett featuring TTEAM for people who want to handle their llamas and alpacas with respect and results. Features books, video, gear and apparel.

Gentle Spirit Way
- Developed by Cathy Spalding, a truly gifted teacher who works with alpacas (from crias to behaviorally challenged alpacas) and their people. Her hands-on clinic includes behavior cues, catching, haltering, toes, entering a trailer, obstacles, and much more. Participants gain confidence from Cathy's coaching as they work with the alpacas. Check out Cathy’s website for an in-depth look at the Gentle Spirit Way. There’s a wealth of practical information on her website.

International Camelid Quarterly - The Official Home of the International Camelid Quarterly Magazine. a full color, high quality, Camelid specific magazine totally independent of any political influences.

Local Fibers - an Online Directory Connecting Fiber Providers with Fiber Artists.