— The New Mexico Alpaca Breeders Team

Saturday, August 17, 2019

Changes are coming!

As I write this I am holed away in a remote location in Northern New Mexico! I have come here to work uninterrupted on a long overdue overhaul or our website.

Having been in the alpaca industry since 1999 we have seen many changes. Our farm has gone from being a successful breeding farm to focusing more on introducing alpacas to the public, events at the farm and alpaca products. For a long time we have been painfully aware that our website did not reflect our current work or what we offer, so it is time for a much needed change!

Will we still be there to support other alpaca breeders - absolutely. Alpacas are still our passion and we will always have alpacas at heart but we want to have more clear and relevant information on our website.

Keep an eye on the website for the changes and bear with us as we go through any funky, messy stages. While I am trying to get most of this done in a weekend there are bound to be hiccups and challenges along the way!

(The first challenge is not having the best internet service where I am located so photos will be uploaded later!)

If you have any feedback or suggestions we always welcome them!